AdsLinko allow users to shorten long links and earn money by sharing them online.

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Adslinko is a URL shortening tool that utilizes advanced technology to enable the sharing of concise links with your audience. It provides a simple and intelligent approach to earning additional revenue from your website traffic.


Shareus was launched on 11th March 2023

The CEO of Adslinko is Shubham Kumar & Dwipmoy Das

While a URL shortener, or link shortener, may appear to be a straightforward tool, it is actually a service that can significantly enhance your marketing efforts. By converting lengthy URLs into shorter and more legible links, link shorteners function to redirect users to their intended destination when the shortened version is clicked.

Adslinko is available to anyone with significant traffic and the ability to earn at least Rs 5 per day. However, the platform strictly prohibits self-clicking and users who engage in this activity will be banned immediately

There are several reasons why your clicks may not be counted:

  • Clicking on your own links from the same IP address.
  • Encouraging others to click on your links without genuine interest.
  • Having an ad blocker enabled.
  • Failing to guide your audience properly, resulting in incomplete clicks.

A majority of novice Adslinko users resort to deceitful methods to boost their revenue, such as clicking on their own links, asking friends or colleagues to do so, or employing software for this purpose. However, AdsLinko' advanced technology enables the team to identify and track such fraudulent activities, and those engaging in such practices will face a ban. To ensure steady earnings from AdsLinko, it is imperative to refrain from clicking on your own links.


Regrettably, appeals for AdsLinko account suspensions are not permitted. In the event of a ban, there is no recourse for account recovery, as we partner with major advertisers like Google, Facebook, Amazon, among others. Consequently, if your account is banned, the earnings of publishers are returned to the advertisers.

Possible solution:

To avoid being banned again, create a new account using a different email address and phone number. Additionally, avoid using the same UPI ID to withdraw payments. It is advisable to keep these points in mind.



If you haven't received your payment in your UPI account, please wait for 24 hours as there could be occasional issues with the UPI server causing delays. Kindly wait for 24 hours before attempting the transaction again. You can either send us an email with screenshot if you didn't received your payment till 24hrs.

Currently CPM Rates are 500 Rupees. It varies from country to country. You can check the full Payout Rates here.

You will receive payment Daily.

To receive daily payments, you must earn at least Rs 25, as this is the minimum withdrawal limit.

You can get paid via:

  • UPI
  • Paytm
  • PhonePay

More coming soon.

There are various reasons why payment may not be received on the same day, including entering an incorrect UPI ID, frequent changes to the UPI ID, and occasional downtime of the UPI server.


If you notice a payment recorded as paid on your Adslinko publisher's dashboard, but you have not yet received it, it is recommended that you check your bank statement.

AdsLinko employs advanced technology and AI, making it difficult to deceive the system to obtain unauthorized referral commissions or extra income. Any invalid referrals will be detected and tracked by the platform. It is important to exercise caution and refrain from referring oneself.

Payments for referrals are made weekly, with a waiting period ranging from 1 to 7 days.